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Raz'zol Drakeloft, The Demonic Warlock by BloodRavan Raz'zol Drakeloft, The Demonic Warlock by BloodRavan
Work of Art done by the talented :iconbrianfajardo: BrianFajardo. I gave him a choice of which characters to do and he choose this one. Needless to say, the way he drew him exceeded my visions of my own character. I thank him.

Raz'zol Drakeloft
The man once known as Jonathan Skye, Honorguard for the crown of his lands, was sent to combat the coming darkness of the "superfreaks" before they could threaten his lands. His failure led him down a dark path of despair which made his vessel an easy target for the sinister demonic soul of Raz'zol Drakeloft. This demonic soul quickly mastered the dark rituals of witchcraft to become a very potent warlock.

Known to be vile, malicious, self-gratifying, and focused only on his own survival as well as his morbid hunger for breaking the minds of woman he enslaves; finding nothing but utter joy and pleasure when she breaks and becomes his. Raz'zol has been seen as a coward to many due to the fact that whenever challenged to a one on one fight or ambushed, he will simply flee with not a care what others think of the action. Choosing to strike at the person down the road when they are at their most helpless.

Raz'zol also commands ravens to do his bidding, be it act as his eyes and ears, send his message, or even spread his vile plague he brought with him from the depths of hell.

All and all, the demonic being is a true example of just how disgusting a villain can be.
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July 9, 2012
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